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Proposed: Remington Rand complex

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There are two suitors for the Remington Rand complex in middletown. one a local business man and the other a Wallingford developer.

the developer is getting town votes as he comes with money and a plan. The local guy has a main street business that is seen to some as a junk collection, but is still part of what makes main street successful. the local guy came with a plan later and is now talking about manufacturing replica windows and doors in addition to his storage plans.,7070129.story

Briggs offer (developer)

He's proposing to renovate the complex, take care of any remaining environmental problems and rent the 184,000 square feet of space to a mix of business tenants. He said he'd honor the existing leases. Briggs' pledge to invest $5 million in the former typewriter factory and pay a tax rate after five years that reflects those improvements

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