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What do the United layoffs mean for GRR?

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Prior to this announcement, I believe United had already scaled back on flight frequency using the 737 out of GRR. Most of these passengers are now being flown on the larger 757 (bigger plane, less frequency) and the rest of the flights are flown by the regional carrier United Express. In early April I flew a 757 to ORD, before connecting onto a different plane, and on the return leg of a trip I flew on a CRJ from Denver.

Continental has also announced cutbacks in domestic service, and more than likely we'll see American, US Air, and the merged NW/Delta follow suit. This will likely lead to less commercial service to Kalamazoo, Muskegon, and Lansing. Especially since these markets are within an hours drive of Grand Rapids,which isn't bad if you've ever taken a taxi or airport shuttle from a major city to their airport. And you'd be hard pressed not to believe it's already happened if you've go out to the airport and see the size of the rental car lots and the new parking structure being constructed.

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