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14 story Madision St. development


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From the same article that I got the news that they approved the building on South University. This is a rental building that will be geared towards young professionals. Not entirely sure how they are going to get young professionals without getting students and other adult groups. With regards to both of the towers planned for around Fingerle, I would not want to live that close to the railroad tracks.

161 rental units in plan

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It's actually a block over from the tracks. The front of the building would be directly across from the Fingerle Showroom and surrounded by houses and condos on all other sides.

Although your right, the location is a bit out of the norm and surrounded by student housing (I've partied a a couple on 5th) so I'm not sure as a young professional I'd want to be around that.

There isn't too much of a preservation issue. The industrial building they speak of is a very odd one. It has a large high bay type of garage on the lower level and a long set of stairs up to the second level which has "motel style" apartments. It's extremely wacky and I always wondered how it ever got approved. The other houses are so-so. Not something I'd miss over a large development like this.


I'm not sure about that 4 story proposed development. They need to keep at least some of the neighborhoods history. Since it is one of AA's older areas. Ann Arbor offers a nice mix of housing stock. The last thing I want to see is the ENTIRE neighborhood replaced with modern apartment buildings. A better location might be next door to that renovated 3 story brick building on the 4th.

While Fingerle lumber occupies a ton of land downtown, I seriously don't think people are all that bothered much living next to it since they aren't doing any millwork next door to residential properties. Then again, most of it is rental.

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