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Anderson Area Transit

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There is an article in the AIM about how Anderson Area Transit is expanding to include routes in Homeland Park (outside the city but adjacent on the poorer southside of town).

Anderson's bus system has actually gotten pretty good reviews in recent years. It's a very small system. Just a few routes. But it does connect with CAT (Clemson Area Transit).

Question: for a town/city the size of Anderson - what does a feasible, appropriate and aggressive (environmentally friendly) transit system look like?

Occasionally I hear people talking about rail, but I just don't see it as realistic. Could a city like Anderson make taking the bus a cool, affordable and realistic option? If so, how? Examples that are not college towns?

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Spartan    682

IMO, Anderson is already ahead of other cities its size for transit. I don't know that you can ask for more. However, the best thing Anderson could do to improve the ECT system would be to expand hours and include more frequent service. Hourly service is not practical for anyone but the transit dependent.

I've heard of this LRT system that they want to build from Clemson to Anderson. IMO, this will not happen. There is no way the demand will work out. In fact I don't think that they will be able to find the funding to support the necessary bus system that has to be in place first. I do think some sort of transit service between the two would work some day, or perhaps just on game days.

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