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Its good to see that this is not dead.

it should also be noted that this project has been mentioned several times in discussions about the busway vs rail through New Britain.

I like that they may concider the new police station as a starting point. it did wonders for Middletown. The problem is that It is my thought that the city can not quite afford to bond a new station without the guarantee of the additional tax revenues for the whole development.

maybe some stimulus money is available and both parties can be made happy here.

The police station would be about 85,000 SF and would be built in the place of the small retail plaza that once occupied the corner of Main and Chestnut. At least part of the first floor would be retail space fronting Main Street.


The city owns the land, and Arete wants to buy it for $2 million Bailkin said the company would try to line up federal or state economic development grants along with federal financing incentives for construction; his proposal is to construct the building and either sell it to the city immediately or sign a long-term lease. Bailkin said his company will research which option would produce a more lucrative mix of federal and state assistance for the city.

Really, this is a very good sign as far as I am concerned. NB has a savvy developer by the sounds of things. these guys are looking to make things happen and that means that they are stepping in and making the city act even. NB is a backwater now, but this kind of energy and drive could teach the city leaders how to build a better city. Now we just need them to get on board with rail and scrap the busway.

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