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Cielo Luxury Apartments - Park Rd


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I know we have been using the Stratford Apartment thread for Cielo mentions, but until someone can change the topic to include Cielo, I'll just post these photos separately. Construction is coming along at a brisk pace. All this was put up in just 2-3 weeks. I am very excited about this project. That side of Park Rd has needed some help for many years and Cielo will be a nice complement to the Park Selwyn Terrace shopping center across the street.





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It's been 2 weeks since my last update on Cielo construction and quite a bit has been done. This looks to be the parking deck which will mask the actual apartments once it is complete. On several occasions during the morning rush, traffic comes to a complete halt while the large flat bed trucks carrying the pre-fab slabs of concrete navigate their way onto the site. I'm still amazed at how fast things are moving along here.


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