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Publix To Buy 49 Albertsons Stores In FL

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The SPTimes reports that is over half the remaining stores in Florida for Albertsons. It looks like it may be the end of an era soon for a grocer that has been in the local market since the mid- 70's. The private equity fund that bought the southern Albertsons stores a couple of years ago suggested they would either turn the stores around and continue to operate them or, failing that, look for a buyer. It looks like the latter option is occurring as they had previously exited markets in Jacksonville and south FL.

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It looks like the one in Winter Park is also staying.

That's good.

My wife and I recently started shopping at Albertsons and have been very happy with it. If you stay away from the high-priced junk food, you'll do pretty good on cost. They always have great meat and seafood sales, too. Something good every week. Their steaks are excellent and when snow crab is $3.99 or $4.99 a pound, you can't beat it!

We always used to shop Publix, but Albertsons has really improved... and the Winter Park store is very nice.

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