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What can you walk to?

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I was wondering, with the rising fuel costs and current planning trend of walkable urbanity, what can you walk to?

I know not all of the NE forum members live in walk friendly areas. especially people from the CT burbs. but what can you walk to and what do you walk to.

would you ride a bike to some of these places or places further away?

how about when the weather is bad, or like this week, hot?

I can walk to a few amenities.

There are 3 bars walking distance

5 or so resturants

a mom and pop hardware store

a pizza place

a package store

a porn video place

and a few very specific retail options that are all mom and pop, and not really usefull to me (a car dealership, a furnitire store, bridal shop, antique shop)

and a few banks

I walk to the Thai place most of the time. but we get delivery for the Pizza. I walk to the package store.

these are my most common uses near by and I do the above no matter the weather.

The others I use occasionally or never like the sketchy porn shop. (No it is really scketchy and I worry about people who have yet to figure out that the internet was invented [by Al Gore] for porn).

if I go the the Hardware store it is usually on my way back from somewhere but I have walked there several times.

If there was one thing or a few things I would wish for in my walkable life is a job. I commute downtown to work, then use several walkable services downtown like my accountant, the post office, shoe repair, and banking. And I would also be thrilled if downtown Manchester had 5 more eateries/bars that I would actually go to. none of the bars suit me. and only really the Thai place has made it into our rotation.

My wife won't live downtown because Hartford is not really ready for her yet :)

as far as biking? it is not an option. anything I need further away than my feet will take me requires cargo space. Or like going to work, I am not going to bike along 384 and 84 to get downtown. It just does not work for me.

what is your walkable life like?

please share and discuss

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I live on the edge of my village, on the main road in/out. There's no sidewalk on my road, and the shoulders are too narrow. The nearest anything commercial is a post office and a liquor store a mile away in the village. The nearest convenience stores and eateries are nearly two miles away.

You could walk or bike, but not all that great of an option.

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From house in Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, I can walk to:

  • The bus stop, 1 minute walk (connects with regional rail and subway)

  • Cedarbrook Plaza (Walmart, toys R us, pathmark, modells, ect)

  • The post office

  • Restaurants and stores on Wadsworth Ave

    From new house in Springfield Township (suburb bordering the city):

    • School

    • The bus stop, not as close as city house, maybe 6 minutes (connects with regional rail and subway)

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