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"Swing on the Mall"


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The event hosted by the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society has taken a few leaps forward. When I discovered it three years ago, it consisted of word-of-mouth advertising and a boom box blasting out of someone's SUV.

Last year it moved to the stage...the boombox, that is, and eventually the music was coming out of the speakers affixed to the lightpoles (just like it was an official City event).

And last night a couple of horn players showed up:



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There is instruction, and also everyone mingles. So you'd get to dance with many experienced/different dancers. The dude in the white fedora was dancing with another guy at one point, showing how something was done.

I am guessing there were 300 people last night. And the demographic has expanded; boomer couple dancing together, typical blues fellow shakin' his own groove thang, his little son in pajamas doing the same. My pastor's son ran up and hugged me, and it took a minute to recognize him (didn't realize they made high schoolers that tall).

This event needs a sponsor, and some of the BotM food vendors. It was really cool to see the constellations underfoot.

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