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York County/ Lake Wylie Development


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I searched the NC and SC forums and was surprised not to find this development discussed.

Mill Creek Commons is a retail center/ power center. It is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Hwy 557, 274, and 49.

It is being developed by Crescent Resources, check out the information on their website.


Here is a news article from the Lake Wylie Pilot regarding the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter


Here is another article from the Herald regarding the beginning of construction of the Lowes Hardware.


Another proposed businesses include McDonald's, Bank of America, Wachovia, Taco Bell & Walgreens

Here is an aerial view of the site. In the aerial image you can see that clearing and development has not begun, but if you look at the streetview imagery you can see all the cleared land.


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Well, we don't have a strong Rock Hill/York County contingent yet, but we're glad to have your input though!

I was not aware of this project, but this seems typical of other projects that are happening in the Charlotte metro. Its certainly a big change for Lake Wiley though. I used to stop at that McDonalds or whatever it is on the way to Carowinds. That area is currently an auto-only zone. I am excited to see this type of development happening in that area. It will be a dramatic improvement!

Welcome to the forum, and please keep us posted!

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York County is really getting hit on all sides - I would have never seen the Bethel area grow like it has. I fully expected north of Fort Mill to develop, but not Bethel since there was only a 2 lane bridge on highway 49 (or maybe it's been widened by now). Rather interesting predicament that York County is in though - not too many exurban counties get spillover growth from multiple borders. There is spillover growth along the old indian land border surrounding Fort Mill, spillover growth on hwy 49 at Lake Wylie, & spillover growth around Clover from Gastonia.

Which also leads me to another thought - how will York County ever plan for this kind of growth? Most of the growth north of Fort Mill is too far for that town to annex & Tega Cay has never been in the practice of expanding. Then addressing Gastonia spillover growth, there is Clover - but also I wonder how far that town can expand. But where planning is the biggest concern, protecting the water quality along Lake Wylie - there are no cities at all. Considering that most of the development was all +1 acre lots with septic tanks back in the day - it's going to get ugly on Hwy 274.

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Getting? Along 49 it's already ugly.

York County is losing ALL it's farmland and becoming a long stretch of strip malls and cookie cutter developments. I don't see it changing, because I don't see the County Council actually coming up with a viable land-use plan. Resources and roads are going to be stressed like no tomorrow.

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I suppose it already has - highway 274 was a road where you could haul ass to get to the lake. Hardly any traffic & long straight stretches up or down the hills.

I suppose the only hope to preserve any of York County is the southern & western half of the county since it seems it's too late to do anything about the eastern & northern half. James - where are all these developments getting water & sewer hookups along Lake Wylie?

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The politicians in York County have no use for land use plans. They want economic development in any form that it can or will take. IF by chance the private sector generates GOOD development like Baxter Village, then they will laude it as a good thing. When bad development is proposed it will just fly under the radar because its still "good for the county."

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Just bumping this thread. Anyone have any news on the development around Lake Wylie and Clover? It seems to be getting very dense down 49 to the Lake on the NC side of the line. Is the traffic getting heavier on the SC side due to all this overflow that was being discussed a year ago?

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I hope York County plans to improve these major throughfares before experiencing additional growth:

By 2020:

SC-49: York to Lake Wylie

SC-5: York to Rock Hill

NC/SC-161: Kings Mountain, NC to Rock Hill

NC/SC-274: Gastonia, NC to Lake Wylie (access to future Gaston Parkway)

By 2030:

SC-55: From SC-5 east of Blacksburg to SC-49/274

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