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Al Franken for US Senate

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I'm personally thrilled with Al Franken's senate candidacy. I can't think of a more unique, and smart man for Minnesotans to send to the Senate.

Most of us know Franken from his comedy work in television.....he was a major player and writer on Saturday Night Live for many years. But many people don't realize Al is a brilliant man, an intellectual, a Harvard graduate, and most importantly a man of ideas that can back them up with action.

The man currently holding the seat, Republican puppet Norm Coleman, is surely a black eye for the people of Minnesota. I say that he doesn't represent the state at all. He represents George W. Bush. He almost never votes against Bush programs. Coleman does not care what Minnesotans think--he cares what Bush and Cheney think. That's not representation.

Al Franken's voice is the voice of today. For real change. I live in Washington State so unfortunately I can't vote for Al. But I'm putting the word out all I can.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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