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List your cities or regions consulates!

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Urbanguy's Great Idea! was to make a listing of the Consulates and Sister Cities of your region(Post ones of the lower 48 or in other nations in general discussion though).

I thought it was a very cool idea! I am interested in seeing the geographic spread of what nations have representatives where and what cities pair with each other for "sisterdom". So post what you find out here, I'm looking forward to learning lots from this thread and I hope its educational for everyone!

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As far as Pittsburgh's resources:

Pittsburgh Foreign Consulates:


102 Haverford Road

(412) 967-9335


125 Technology Drive

(724) 745-7599


700 Bell Avenue

(412) 276-1272


301 Grant Street

(412) 562 8872



(412) 392-4555



(412) 429-2570

Czech Republic


(412) 221-4057


711 Penn Avenue

(412) 228-9175


1090 Freeport Road

(412) 784-8804


435 Sixth Avenue

(412) 624-6232

Republic of Georgia


(412) 781-0243


500 Grant Street

(412) 355-6472


709 Washington Drive

(412) 366-7715


333 Grant Street

(412) 438-0809


1230 McCully Drive

(412) 373-3380


425 Sixth Avenue

(412) 394-3900


600 Grant Street

(412) 355-2751


600 Forbes Avenue

(412) 765-0273


500 Wood Street

(412) 433-5021


425 Sixth Avenue

(412) 201-9140


45 Oakhurst Circle

(412) 784-1896

Saudi Arabia

4100 Bigelow Blvd.

(412) 431-9351


333 Technology Drive

(724) 873-1935


324 Thompson Run Road

(412) 531-2609


611 Essex Court

(412) 621-8804

Pittsburgh Sister Cities:

Capital of Bulgaria: Sofia!

Capital of Croatia: Zagreb!

Capital of Macedonia: Skopje!

Presov, Slovakia

Wuhan, China

Matanzas, Cuba

Ostrava, Czech Republic

Sheffield, England

Saarbrucken, Germany

Saitama, Japan

Omiya, Japan

Aichi, Japan

San Isidro, Nicaragua

Fernando De La Mora, Paraguay

Presov, Slovakia

Bilbao, Spain

Donetsk, Ukraine

DaNang, Vietnam

The Suburb of Greensburg, PA Sister Cities:

Nation of Belize

Ceremaggiore, Italy

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^haha well for a city its size it does have a lot but no where near as much as DC with all the embassies and NYC with embassies and the UN as well as many country capitals and largest cities. I think NYC has over a 100 maybe something like a 130 something i did it once but its been a while and Toronto has over 90 not sure about other leading cities.

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PghUSA, where did you find this list? I looked at the Embassy/Consulate web sites for Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, and Mexico and I didn't see Pittsburgh on any of them.


Though I haven't checked many sites the consulates that I know of in North Carolina are:

Canada: Raleigh

Mexico: Raleigh & Charlotte

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http://www.globalpittsburgh.org/globalbiz/...781070313305138 for the consulates (not ALL of them are listed there) I compiled this list for a site I was building over a year ago just combed through google for "Pittsburgh Consulate" until I found (almost) every one.

Sister Cities are easy for any region (but may not be COMPLETE):


;) looking forward to seeing the reach of other regions (again save NYC or DC or SF or Philly or Chicago or Miami--your welcome to post them but I'd be more surprised with those cities on listing the ones you have yet to get ;) )

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TravisNC, those sites dont always show that stuff and a lot time its outdated sometimes you have to search there are many for Honolulu that i found by searching thru different sources and i just recently found out about Morocco being added.

Little ole Honolulu's Foreign/Territorial Consulates:

1 American Samoa

2 Australia

3 Austria

4 Bangladesh

5 Belgium

6 Brazil

7 Chile

8 Cook Islands *The only in the US

9 Denmark

10 Finland

11 France

12 Germany

13 Honduras

14 Hungary

15 India

16 Indonesia

17 Italy

18 Japan

19 Kiribati *The only in the US

20 Korea

21 Malaysia

22 Marshall Islands

23 Mexico

24 Micronesia, Federated States of

25 Morocco *New

26 Nauru

27 Netherlands

28 New Zealand

29 Norway

30 Palau

31 Panama

32 Papua New Guinea

33 Peru

34 Philippines

35 Poland

36 Portugal

37 Russian Federation

38 Samoa (Western)

39 San Marino

40 Spain

41 Sri Lanka

42 Sweden

43 Switzerland

44 Taiwan

45 Thailand

46 Tonga

47 United Kingdom

48 Uruguay

Honolulu's Sister Cities:

1 Baguio City, Philippines (1995)

2 Baku, Azerbaijan (1998)

3 Bombay, India (1970)

4 Bruyeres, France (1960)

5 Caracas, Venezuela (1999)

6 Cebu City, Philippines (1990)

7 Funchal, Madeira (1979)

8 Hainan Province, China (1985)

9 Hiroshima, Japan (1959)

10 Hue, Vietnam (1995)

11 Incheon, South Korea (2003)

12 Kaohsiung, Taiwan (1962)

13 Laoag City, Philippines (1969)

14 Luganville, Vanuatu (2003)

15 Manila, Philippines (1980)

16 Mombasa, Kenya (2000)

17 Naha City, Okinawa, Japan (1960)

18 San Juan, Puerto Rico (1985)

19 Seoul, South Korea (1973)

20 Sintra, Portugal (1998)

21 Tianjin, China (2002)

22 Tokyo, Japan (1960)

23 Uwajima, Japan (2004)

24 Vigan, Philippines (2003)

25 Zhongshan, China (1997)

Sister States:

1 Azores Islands, Portugal (1982)

2 Cebu Province, the Philippines (1996)

3 Cheju Province, Korea (1986)

4 Ehime Prefecture, Japan (2003)

5 Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan (1981)

6 Guangdong Province, China (1985)

7 Hainan Province, China (1992)

8 Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan (1997)

9 Ilocos Sur Province, the Philippines (1985)

10 Okinawa Prefecture, Japan (1985)

11 Pangasinan, the Philippines (2002)

12 Rabat-Sal

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We only got one, Portugal. Rhode Island has a large Portuguese population, especially from the Azores. Most consulates for the New England region are in Boston. And of course our proximity to New York makes even those kind of redundant.

Anyway, here's Boston's list:

British Consulate General

Consulate General Israel

Consulate General of Canada

Consulate General of Greece

Consulate General of Haiti

Consulate General of Mexico

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Consulate Of Spain

Consulate of Belgium

Consulate of Bolivia

Consulate of Brazil

Consulate of Cape Verde

Consulate of Columbia

Consulate of Denmark

Consulate of Dominican Republic

Consulate of France

Consulate of Ireland

Consulate of Japan

Consulate of Norway

Consulate of Poland

Consulate of The Netherlands

Consulate of Venezuela

Consulate General of Italy

Honorary Consulate of Hungary

Swedish Consulate

And across the river in Cambridge:

Consulate of Switzerland

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Italian (KCK)

Mexican (KCMO)

Taiwanese (KCMO)

German (Prairie Village, KS)

Danish (KCMO)

Austrian (KCMO)

Swiss (KCMO)

Icelandic (Grandview, MO)

French (KCMO)

there may be more... The Japanese Consulate had to leave KCMO for reasons I forgot.

Sister Cities:

Seville, Spain

Kurashiki, Japan

Morelia, Mexico

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Tainan City, Taiwan

Xi'an, China

Guadalajara, Mexico

Hannover, Germany

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Arusha, Tanzania

San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico

Ramle, Israel

Source for sister cities: http://www.kcmo.org/international.nsf/web/...er?opendocument

Sister cities of KC suburbs:


Diekirch, Luxembourg


Higashimurayama, Japan

North Kansas City:

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

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TravisNC, those sites dont always show that stuff and a lot time its outdated sometimes you have to search there are many for Honolulu that i found by searching thru different sources and i just recently found out about Morocco being added...

I'm not sure about that. I think the most up to date and accurate info for consulates is their own web sites. If anyone knows whether one of their own consulates exists I'm sure they do.

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you'd think so, did you ever notice how most cities (especially the smaller ones) don't even list the current mayor?!? Most of these governmental agencies aren't in the technology business, and when people are here traveling abroad the local travelers aid office knows the local consulate, and the embassy # on their passport once called would locate them. It's just that some of these Embassies dont think posting every consulate or every honorary consulate (which there are several dozen) is a top priority. Shame. But what can you do.

Again if anyone has there region to add I'd love to see the lists and thanks for all the contributions!

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I just edited my originaly post to add Honolulu's sister cities & friendship cities!

BTW do other cities have friendship cities too? It seems to be a new thing because most of the friendship cities started in 2003 up to 2004 and frankly i dont know what its all about but it had a list of mayors from those other cities.

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