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3 homeless guys file lawsuit against Jacksonville

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3 homeless guys challenge Jax Super Bowl public drinking law


Associated Press

June 15, 2004, 2:04 PM EDT

JACKSONVILLE -- If the rich and powerful can drink in a public park in the weeks before next year's Super Bowl, why can't the homeless do it now?

That's the question the attorney for three homeless men is raising in a court challenge over their arrest for drinking in a park that will be part of a designated party zone before next year's Super Bowl.

The three men -- Michael Robert Johnson, Christopher Lee Nelson and Thomas Worley -- were arrested in February in Treaty Oak Park on charges of drinking in public.

The park is inside a 2

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The three homeless men could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

You sure their names aren't:



& Curly

knuck knuck knuck


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Well it is somewhat hypocritical but in order for the event to occur, there must be public drinking sections. It should not be allowed year round but only for special events.

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