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I-69 Taking A Different Path


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Previously I-69 in Tx was to follow a new route but after thousands of Texans spoke against the proposed I-69 the highway will now use existing roadways mainly U.S. Highway 59. I-69 will follow Highway 59 from Victoria to the Carthage area and then follow U.S. 84 into Louisiana. South of Victoria the route could possibly go on to Laredo or go through Corpus Christi to the Brownsville/Mc Allen/Edinburg area. Between Carthage and Texarkana a spur of 69 will be built as well. It won't displace as many people as a new route and takes the uncertainty out. If TxDOT's revision is approved by the FHWA, plans for a seperate new corridor would be dropped from future environmental reviews and existing infrastructure would become the study area. The second phase of development will determine exactly how it would go through Texas. Traffic and population projections will help determine what expansions are needed in each region. It opens the door to more local involvement as the highway takes shape. I-69 was to be built as a toll road the only way to finance the construction during a funding crunch. Existing highways will not be tolled. The decision to use existing highways for I-69 dramatically increases the likelihood that this needed roadway will finally be built.

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