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Revitalization of Tulane Avenue


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Here's a quick rundown of some of the major residential projects coming to the Tulane Avenue corridor. These first four projects will bring nearly 700 new residential units and new retail options to a corridor that has needed a serious revitalization and reinvestment since long before Katrina.

The Meridian


  • 72-units of mixed-income rental housing




    The Preserve


    • 183-units of mixed-income rental housing



      The Crescent Club


      • 228-units of mixed-income rental housing

      • 5,000 square feet of street front retail


      Terraces on Tulane

      [*]Volunteers of America project

      [*]200 units of affordable housing for senior citizens and citizens in need




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Don't forget the other projects such as the redeveloped Rock N Bowl shopping center, the new justice district at Tulane and Broad, the LSU & VA Hospitals, Louisiana Cancer Research Center, and the Falstaff Brewery project. Hopefully all of those projects go through. I really see Tulane Avenue as becoming a major economic corridor over the next 5-10 years.

With all the housing units that they are building, I wish they could create more retail centers from S. Carrollton to S Jefferson Davis ParkWay.

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Here's the rendering of the Falstaff Brewery project nola mentioned. The old brewery, which has been closed for over 30 years, is being converted into 156 apartments. I believe most of the apartments are now on line, with a few still left under construction.

Before the $20 million conversion project (Courtesy of mike4330 on Flickr)


After the conversion is complete


And here's the site location, about a block over from the corner of Tulane and S. Broad:


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Another residential project for Mid-City. I'm really glad there is all this development along Tulane (It is definitely needed) however I hope this doesn't turn into a New Orleans East situation with these apartments slipping into section 8.

I don't think it will happen because of the economic projects such as the Biomedical District and new Justice District and also its proximity to Downtown.

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Another residential project announced and more good news for Tulane Ave. and Mid-City!

Mid-City corridor gets more housing

T-P Article

Just behind the Falstaff building, itself one of the most heralded renovations along Tulane Avenue, a Dallas developer plans to build 250 apartments that could help seal the revival of a depressed section of New Orleans.
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That thought has crossed my mind too, and I think that with the prison nearby, and the amount of low income housing that these developments are including, I think that the section 8 thing is a possibility. I hope that they are successful though, because that area could be great. Hopefully these projects will spur revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood too, not just on Tulane itself.
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Does anyone know the percentage how low income housing to be included in these apartments individually. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that the middle and high income tops the low income. NO OFFENSE. I think there is a need for more single family developments as well as large scale.

I think these developments (with the exception of Terraces on Tulane) are going to be targeted at the new professionals expected to be working in the area within the next decade.
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I can't see these turning into Section 8 nightmares. The area is too close to downtown and the area that will be the heart of the rebirth of New Orleans' medical district. A minor benefit, I hope, will be the repaving of Poydras on the Lakebound side of Claiborne. The are very bad bumps on that street.

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