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PROPOSED:Newington Rd Shopping center

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Winstanley is proposing a new shopping center on a piece of land it bought recently.

I am not so sure we need more retail, but there must be demand otherwise developers would not continue to dump millions into the area.

Its a shame Newington Center does not get some retail development. Newington rd does not have any strip mall as of right now that I can think of, and this will surely start to change that road to the negative. I actually hope that West Hartford would fight this instead to encourage more smart growth developments. we will see however as plans become more clear.

HBJ with the article

Massachusetts-based Winstanley Enterprises plans to build a shopping center on Newington Road in West Hartford, where it purchased a commercial building and 15 acres for $3 million.

the building was formerly known as the Industrial Safety Supply building.

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I know where that is. What can they possibly put there?

I also would hope Newington Center would get more interest as far as new business. Though, it's always nice to see buildings get re-developed. I don't think it would be a bad thing for Newington Road. I heard Shaw's wanted to locate somewhere on this road years ago. Maybe they'd be interested in relocating their WH Shaw's to this location. Just a thought, but this building seems large enough.

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