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Crime patterns


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Here's a really good article from The Atlantic that I think would interest a lot of people here. The real reason I'm posting it, though, is because of this:

[R]outine policing is more difficult in the semi-suburbs. Dealers sell out of fenced-in backyards, not on exposed street corners. They have cars to escape in, and a landscape to blend into. Shrubbery is a constant headache for the police; they’ve taken to asking that bushes be cut down so suspects can’t duck behind them.
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There are a lot of studies on greenery in the inner city that says the opposite of course. That housing projects with green, communal space actually keep crime down because people use the space, rather than leaving it fallow for all kinds of shenanigans. When I first tried to get trees planted on Federal Hill, in the 90s, I had old ladies tell me that "trees are dirty and robbers hide behind them" so that's why there were so few trees up there. :rolleyes:

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