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We've had an uptick recently of posts that violate the rules of the forum. For some of you, please review the rules again, that you agreed to when you joined UrbanPlanet, regarding advertising:

# No advertising unless you have prior approval from the site administrator. This includes posts for other discussion sites.

# We are not a real estate site.

* Do not create posts looking to buy or rent property (this is not limited to real estate).

* Do not create posts to sell or rent property (also not limited to real estate).

* Do not attempt to contact members here to buy, sell, or rent propery.

* Do not create topics asking about relocation information. i.e. "Where is a good place to live?"

# If you are a Real Estate Agent, Broker, or Developer

* Read rule #6 again.

* Abide by that rule and do not bother our members with your contact information.

* Contact an administrator if you simply don't understand what this means

UrbanPlanet Board Rules

This includes posts regarding real estate open houses and advertising for other real estate related blogs and forums. Also, if you are advertising a lunch-n-learn or special event, please either contact me directly before posting or put it in the GR Coffee House.

Authorized advertising on UrbanPlanet (leaderboards, etc.) is very inexpensive, and you can find more details HERE.

Thank you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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