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Firefox Download Day


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How embarrassing for Mozilla to have their release scheduled at 1:00PM EST and here it is over three hours later and their servers are still down, unable to handle the traffic. Even their add-ons site has been down in entirety (not to mention the fail-over should their regular site be down...so much for fail safe).

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It was kinda bad on Mozilla, hah... i suppose it was more than they anticipated...

I hope we're making some good today... i dont know how they are counting all the downloads, i assume by unique IP's?

Earlier I went to download and it sent me to a server in France! It said it was going to take like an hour... ahhh... reminders of dial-up, lol.

Anyway, Firefox 3 rocks... ive been using the beta's and rc's for the past several months... and I think its great... i especially love how you can go to the address bar and sortof search your past history of websites.. makes finding my way to UP that much easier :thumbsup:

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World Record was set!

Mozilla and the Firefox team (along with a lil help from all of us) did it!


Also.. check out this blow by blow blog.. about servers going up and down, and what not..


This is kinda funny as well... cake sent from Microsoft to Mozilla...


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