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PROPOSED: Route 34 redevelopment

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The city put together several plans a few years back for well a few areas.

one of them is now under construction, and the arena site is in the bidding process. the 3rd and 4th areas in the study involve finally fixing the mistake that is rt 34


this is the cities concepts for the next 15 or so years.


Just concepts, but based on the Arena sites proposals, it looks like at least part of this will be happening and to a higher density and asthetic than this simple concept rendering shows.

anyone else have any ideas about the cities report?

or the potential of this area?

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Since they built the Air Rights Garage and the building just to the west of that (forgot what it was), there's no reason to have 34's highway stub or even the split one-way 34 heading from the Garage to Boulevard.

If they keep the split one way roads, there's no excuse to have surface parking in the current median. This stretch definitely has potential to get low-mid rises and boom the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Yeah, there is really almost nothing standing in the way. I think the city is just after some federal funding because they can get it.

If you look at the rendering and replace the generic buildings furthest away with the Northland proposal for example. then add in the Shartenburg project currently under construction. NH may not be the 2nd city for too long!

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There are definitely some admirable qualities in this plan, but as a whole there is too much parking and too few residential units. The buildings are also far too short to justify their mammoth footprints. Looking at the 1950/2008/2020 photos of route 34 is depressing as well; why not aim to recreate the sort of scale that was there before?

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New Haven seems to be setting itself up well.


By Dmitriy Tarasov, Contributing Writer, Special to DNH

New Haven has taken the next step toward reclaiming the land now occupied by the Route 34 connector. Nine firms have submitted proposals for the redevelopment of the freeway.

The City had put out a request for qualifications (RFQ) for a project team that would redevelop Route 34 into a pedestrian-friendly urban boulevard lined with mixed-use buildings. According the RFQ, posted by the City of New Haven last month:

It is the city

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Hartford Courant



New Haven May Tear Down A 'Wall'

Remaking Road Will Clear Space, Reconnect Downtown

Tom Condon

November 30, 2008

I worked in downtown New Haven in the late 1970s (running a three-person Courant bureau

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