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New Parks initiative created, endowed by Darla Moore


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What a gift! :w00t:

I hope it will mean NEW green space, downtown especially. The conservancy hopefully will be able to buy up neglected properties and vacant lots and create pocket gardens. Those areas north of Line Street and between and along King and Meeting has plentiful space for this, as well as all the land where the old bridges used to be.

Also, White Point Gardens needs beautification. Its really shocking, considering its location and renown, how barren it is (other than, like Jim Martin said in the article about Colonial Lake, "grass, oleanders, and shade trees"). It needs foliage, color, monuments, fountains. I would LOVE to see the oleanders between the two lanes of traffic along Murray Blvd. get ripped out (but keep the ones along East Bay St.) Their overwhelming size hinders the view and are, more importantly, dangerous. Low plantings would be best--and add more palmettos.

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