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Calling All Cars!

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Hello! While I am indeed moving to Providence, I am not there yet...and I am in dire need of a couple of great photographs of DePasquale Square. Can anyone help?

You see, I am leading a grassroots design effort in Nashville, Tennessee, focused on that city's upcoming new $600 million Convention Center. The massive structure is going smack in the middle of downtown, on some surface parking lots...which is good...but it may end up being another single-use massive Big Box, crushing the heart of one of Nashville's most promising urban neighborhoods and eating two streets in the process...which is bad. My pals and I have launched a public effort to influence the design of this thing, tentatively called the Music City Center, before mistakes are made. We advocate a mixed-use Convention Center that is civic in character and holistically designed with well-defined and actively useful public spaces, as well as pedestrian-friendly fa

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