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20 million dollar project coming to Thomson GA

Some businesses and homes will be tore down in thomson to make way for new goverment complex.

Charlie Newton, Chairman, McDuffie County Commission: "The area where we're building the City-County Government Complex is a blighted area, and it's a place where you don't have a lot of traffic, at this point."

The theory behind the complex is to bring all the county's services together. A new courthouse will be the first to go up. The old courthouse will be used for other court business. Newton says space and security have forced them to build.

Lee Ann Cowart owns an interior design store, in the heart of downtown. She believes a new government complex is just what the town needs.

Lee Ann Cowart, excited about the new complex: "It's very exciting because this has been our home, now. We've been here for 20 years, and I'd like to see Thomson go in a very positive direction, and it's definitely got the foundation to do that and I think it's a step in the right direction."

There are high hopes that the new landmark will revitalize downtown.

There's no word on when the homes and businesses will be cleared in the area where the complex is being built. We are told that the courthouse will take about 3 years to build. In the future, they hope to have a park and build an ampitheater.

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