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PROPOSED:Sherwood Tool Building

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Looks like the town is seeking a $550,000 grant from the state to help clean up the site.

The Corporation for Independent Living plans to buy the parcel this fall, clean up the site and build the housing units during the next three years, said Martin Legault, president of the company based in Wethersfield.

"We're just finishing a similar project in Windsor, First Town Square. We have 50 units in the old Eddy Electric building and we're selling the last one this month," he said.

The 115,000-square-foot building has been unused for about five years after paper goods giant Solo Cup Co. shut down its manufacturing plants on Main Street and Old Brickyard Lane, cutting 161 jobs.

I love mill conversions!

I hope every mill in the state is eventually cnverted to new use.

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This is a real cool building, built right next to a popular little pond in town. Great place for condos, a win-win for Berlin if this could be built.

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