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Downtown Charlotte tour


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Hi everyone,

for those who might be interested I created a topic on the photo forum about my trip to Charlotte: I'll try to update it with new pics everyday. Of course, with all the development going on in downtown Charlotte right now, some of those pics may seem you a bit old (and they are: they were taken at least three weeks ago).

Enjoy it!


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I didn't want to put all of these in the Photo of the day thread, so, I stuck them in here - if that's fine.

Sorry for the beyond horrible quality;

East/West Station



I like these two in particular. Well composed. They both have good depth of field, but the second one makes Charlotte look like it has some charm. Well done :shades:

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here is a drive through uptown Charlotte in 1986. My my how Charlotte's skyline has changed in 25 years. I was 8 years old, Ronald Reagan was president, there was no internet, and regular gas was around 69 cents a gallon back then. In the video you can see the "First Union" tower under construction. I imagine who ever filmed this had one holding one of those big camcorders.

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