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COMPLETED: Highgrove Stamford

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Images were removed at the request of the developer and architect.

Highgrove will be an 18-story luxury condominium complex. The building will be on the corner of Grove and Forest Street in Stamford, CT. The buildings 91 luxury units most of which range from 2,500 to 3,500 square feet will each have a fireplace, 10-foot ceilings and at least one private balcony.


here is the official site

An d here are some pictures taken on May 31 by Woonsocker54 from SSC



It should start to climb pretty quickly now.

This is true super luxury. Huge units $800/SQ

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I really love the style of towers that Stamford puts up. I haven't worked there regularly for about 3 years now, but when I did, I thought that the buildings meshed well with each other. Stamford definitely has it's stuff together, something I wish Hartford could accomplish.

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