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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church


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I thought this might be appropriate for urban planet.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is under way to expand and create some nice additions to its community.


Heres what it use to look like:


And here is what its going to look like:


Plans are to extend the santuary forward about 40 feet for extra seating, add a beautiful bell tower with two bells, remodel the hall and kitchen areas, as well as some other small renovations. Currently there are two construction crews working (one on the sanctuary and one on the kitchen area around back). I'll post construction photos when I find my digital camera and get over there!

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Actually most Orthodox churchs tend to stick with traditional architecture. There is St. Nicks on East Paris by 28th street and St. Georges downtown by Catholic Central. They definately add a little character to the city.

Holy Trinity is located on Lakeside Dr. which is a block east of plymouth between michigan and fulton. Right across the street from Romance gardens.

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The addition is going to go out the back or the east side. This would cause the dome to not be over the center of the sanctuary any more. Originally they wanted to move the entire dome so it would be over the center. Are they still doing that?

The interior is beautiful in this place. The gold leafings, paintings, statues are awsome.

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they are NOT moving the dome, the only wall that is moving is the front wall (west i think) which will come out about 40 feet, about where the current sidewalk comes out to.

I agree the church is beautiful inside BUT other greek orthodox churches like on the east side of the state (and ofcourse europe) have iconography painted EVERYWHERE on every wall which is astonoshing, the brick walls on the sides of this church is not very traditional -_-

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