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Your favorite NFL players

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Post your favorite football players. You can post photos if you want.

Oh yea, and it's American Football ;)

My favorite football players:

Dante Hall, a man nearly every punting team should fear.


Priest Holmes, one of the best running backs in the AFC. (possibly NFL, although maybe 5th or lower)


Trent Green, our QB.


Tony Gonzalez


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Those are great players especially Priest. As far as my favorite, you may not like him as he is your former rival from Denver. The running back from the Miami Hurricanes, Clinton Portis, is my all time favorite. As far as my favorite hometown athlete, I like the style of DT, Marcus Stroud, who is all-pro. KC is my second favorite team though behind Jax of course.

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Steelers Jerome Bettis closing in on #5 on the all-time Rushing list

Steelers Heinz Ward the BEST reciever in the NFL right now

Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald will be the best reciever in NFL history!

(grew up as a ball boy for the Vikings recievers and at U. of Pittsburgh set the all-time NCAA record for receptions 5 times over!)

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