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Downtown's "Must See/Do" list


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With the opening of the new Shoeless Joe Jackson museum, I got to thinking about all of the great offerings for people to enjoy downtown. Some educational, some based on pure enjoyment, others based on taste buds...

What would you suggest people do, or what are your favorite places downtown?

I'll start with a top 5 list for myself, in no particular order:

-Baseball game at Fluor Field

-Liberty bridge/falls park experience

-Mast General Store

-Experience Fall for Greenville or Artisphere

-Trolley ride up Main Street

Since, not everyone has experienced the same things downtown (museums, restaurants, hotels, events), I expect that we can find a wide range of offerings that people prefer or suggest.

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1. Spend some time in OP Taylors to bring out the kid again.

2. Even though we have the perfect downtown for strolling, get a different perspective and do downtown on a bike, a rented Segway, or roller blades.

3. Do a Saturday daytime drink hop. One unique drink (alcoholic or virgin) at a restaurant, then on to the next. So many fun drinks at places like Handi, Pomegranate, etc.

4. Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at the library and brush up on your knowledge. The internet will NEVER replace the excellent feel, muffled sounds and smells of a library.

5. Learn photography....afterall, you're in one of the most photogenic cities in the South.

6. Picnic in Falls Park.

7. Attend the theater...Peace Center, Little Theater, Warehouse Theater, Centre Stage, etc, etc.

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Great thread and suggestions so far! The drink hop sounds like a fun thing. An appetizer hop would be fun too.

Here's some of my favs:

--Soak in 5-10 paintings by Andrew Wyeth or Stephen Scott Young at the Greenville Co. Museum

--Stroll with the family and dog down the trail from Falls Park to Rock Quarry Garden. Beautiful places.

--Bring a to-go lunch (pizza?) to Linky Stone Park, let the kids play, then walk down the river walk to Riverplace for a bubble tea at O-Cha

--Take a historic walking tour of downtown Greenville (oops, I give those--but I love doing it every time)

--pick a store I haven't been to yet, check it out, meet the owner(s) and find out about their stories

--eat at Trio's or try a new restaurant

Things I've been wanting to do:

--have some tapas at The Cazbah

--stay the night at The Trio Loft

--go to the top of Wachovia Place, Riverplace, Carolina First, and the Landmark Buildings

--rent a Segue

--take a walk in the historic neighborhoods around Greenville (Earle St., Park Ave., Hampton-Pickney, Petigru, Augusta/Cleveland

--try out the dog park at Cleveland Park

--go to the Gville Historical Society and look at old photos all day

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Three things stand out above the rest to me as things that really spotlight DT.

A visit to Falls Park/Liberty Bridge.

A walk down Main Street from the Hyatt to the River and through the West End to get the feel of the DT area.

A visit to Fall for Greenville and/or Artisphere when available.

There are some good suggestions on here for other things to do but some would be dependent on the individual's interests. Some might like art, others prefer unique shopping, some might be historically inclined.

It is a shame the Magill collection of Wyeth paintings had to leave town. That was a fantastic draw. Wyeth fans used to make pilgrammages from around the country to see them and others made a point of routing their travel so they could stop in town to see them. The current collection is great and I am glad its here but even people with only a slight interest in art would go see Magill's batch. Just from the fame aspect. One of my uncles had never showed much interest in art but once surprised everybody by asking to see the Wyeths on his annual visit.

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In addition to the already excellent suggestions, I will add the Brown Street Club to the list. Although it's relatively new, it has a unique personality all its own as if it's been there for decades. I also like the fact that it's on a small street somewhat off the major pedestrian zones - gives it more charm. Plus, the jazz acts they book are highly recommended and often come from much bigger cities like New York and DC. :thumbsup:

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