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Old State House Closing?


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its like the same idiots who were getting ARM mortgages with no credit are the same fools running the charities in this city!

and I just gave them $80 bucks!

I am definately calling lets go arts today and pushing my combined museum comcept a little harder today.

I agree that if Colt Park were to become a national park, and the govt were to allocate some funding, the State House should be tied in with that and staffing shared. it is a piece of American history.

I wanted to edit in that I think most of the ideas in the article above a great. not only would they make the state house more of a part of downtown and more successful, but they would make the city a nicer place to live.


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Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic - why do I always come back to the conclusion that it's Perez' fault :angry: ... there can't be THIS many coincidences.


How about these people to run the place? They seem at least competent.


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I did the Bike to Work event with wecyclect.org . It's a shame, they are closing State House because it was our meet up point. Very Sad. Now I think we're moving it to Hartford 21.

As a side note, everyone who I tell about this is like "why are they closing State House?!?! I thought the idea was to promote Hartford?"

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this needs to be fixed by rational people. I swear that someone needs to privatize CT. maybe we can get the hedge funds from Greenwich to do a leveraged buyout, trim the fat get things working again then return the state and city to the taxpayer :P

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State, Hartford Sign Lease For Old State House

The Associated Press

1:32 PM EDT, July 25, 2008

State and Hartford officials have signed a 99-year lease placing Connecticut's Old State House under new management.

The lease, which went into effect Friday, puts the city-owned historic building under the control of the state Office of Legislative Management.

The Old State House was built in 1796. It had been in danger of closing earlier this year because of financial constraints.

The legislative agency plans to hire outside providers for Old State House services such as gallery tours, marketing and coordinating its artifacts.

Legislative leaders said Friday the lease requires the state to pay $1 yearly to Hartford for 99 years. The General Assembly has budgeted $500,000 annually to operate the facility.


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I just hope the deal is clear on who is responsable for maintenance. I would hate to see the building fall into disrepair again. I know the state should do a fine job, but budgets being what they are...

also I hope that some day it can be part of the Colt National park thingie or something.

but at least it is not closed. that is the big victory here

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