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Large family vacations to DC?


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I am planning a family vacation for nine people (including my parents, brother, sister, and their kids) to DC for the first of October and after having done a bit of research on this I'm coming up a little dry.

I have rented homes for a week in places like Orlando as that is a cheap way of housing that many people but with this particular DC trip we're planning to take the train in (Amtrak) and just use the subway system to get around. Having said that we obviously need to be very close to a station.

One large penthouse type arrangement would be just fine or something like a bed and breakfast setup, but I'm having a hard time finding one that has occupancy for nine people that is reasonably priced. We could of course just go with two hotel rooms as well, but it seems that is more expensive than the larger single suite options.

For those of you familiar with DC (I haven't been since I was a kid), do you have any recommendations of something close to a metro stop that will be big enough for nine people and reasonably priced? This would be for just three nights BTW.

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There are a few options near Metro stations which might work. The Inn at Dupont Circle comes to mind, but that's a b&b sort of place. All suite options are usually geared toward longer stays than what you wish to do. There is an Embassy Suites at 22nd and N, but this is not exactly reasonable in price. I'll see if I can think of anything else which would be sensible. Other than being near the Metro, are there any areas you'd like to be in?

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Other than being near the Metro, are there any areas you'd like to be in?

Thanks for the response! I sent an e-mail to the folks at the Inn at Dupont Circle so I'm awaiting to hear back from them on what they have to offer. Aside from the requirement of being in close proximity to the Metro we're probably going to be spending a good bit of time around the National Mall. Probably visit the Smithsonian and things of that nature, but really, as long as we're close to a Metro station (and in a good neighborhood) we're pretty free.

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