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IC Pays Another Visit to Atlanta

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IC Pays Another Visit to Atlanta!!!

Well, guys, a while back, I paid yet another visit to Atlanta. I took a walk around some of my usual spots--Centennial Olympic Park and the Fairlie-Poplar area--to what was happening and to take some pictures. I was pretty pleased with what I was able to see.

Now, I will go ahead and say that these pictures are not new. I took them back in February. However, the computers at Georgia Southern do not allow me to upload photos to Flickr or any other site very easily, so I had to wait until I got home to finally get them on here.

Also, this is my first photo thread taken using my new 8 megapixel Sony DSC-H7. I got it for Christmas, so it's not really new, but it's the first time I've posted any photo threads that use pictures taken with it.

So, let's begin!!!

From I-20

As seen heading east into the city...


Around Centennial Olympic Park...

The Skyline


Milling Around the Park


SunTrust Plaza and Some Construction


The Bank of America Building


All Dried Up

Turned off because of the drought, I suppose.


Interesting Brick Dedication

I guess these people just love their cats...


The Georgia Aquarium


And Now on to Fairlie-Poplar

After visiting Centennial Olympic Park, I decided to go to the Fairlie-Poplar area. With gas prices like they were and the chances of finding good parking likely slim, I decided to walk to the area. It was quite an interesting experience.

The Tabernacle


Broad Street


More of Broad Street


And More...


A Street Corner

"I wonder what we should do now...any ideas?"



I saw some pigeons digging around for food. Funny little birds.


Sun Reflecting off the Candler


The Entrance to the Flatiron


Some More Street Scenes from in and around Fairlie-Poplar





Interesting Billboard

...Not something I'd be proud of. Still wondering if it needs to announced in such a way.


Reflection of the Westin Peachtree

As seen in the windows of the Equitable Building.


191 Peachtree



Hope you enjoyed it! :) I hope to go back into the city and take some more pictures some day soon!

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Interesting Billboard

...Not something I'd be proud of. Still wondering if it needs to announced in such a way.


Gotta love the fact that the Billboard below the "Face the Facts" one states "Paradise is closer than you think". :)

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Wonderful photos as usual. Your pics illustrate why its so important that we get carefully planned urban development in those blocks of Farlie-Poplar bordering the park.

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