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Road trippin': Lincoln Homestead State Park


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Lincoln Homestead State Park

Kentucky Lincoln Heritage Trail

American Byway's newest feature regards Abraham Lincoln, and is located along the Kentucky Lincoln Heritage Trail, a historic byway through the Bluegrass State that is in commemoration of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln Homestead State Park, located northwest of Springfield, Kentucky, features the original home of Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks, as well as replicas of the Lincoln Cabin and blacksmith shop where his father, Thomas Lincoln, learned his trade. The park is also home to Mordecai Lincoln, rumored to be Abraham Lincoln's 'favorite uncle,' and a spectacular eighteen-hole golf course and pro shop.

1 Taken after a heavy snowfall.


2 Original bed of Nancy Hanks.


3 Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln, lived at the Berry House while she was courted by Thomas Lincoln. Constructed of rather modest timbers with a second floor, windows and a kitchen, it was relocated from the Beechland section about one mile away.


4 The Lincoln cabin is a replica that is on the site of the original log house in which Abraham Lincoln's grandmother, Bersheba, raised five children. Thomas Lincoln, father of Abraham, lived here until he was 25.



On June 14, I was at the Lincoln Homestead State Park in Kentucky photographing the Bicentennial Celebration of the marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. This unique re-enactment was a day-long event. Below is a sample of the wedding re-enactment; see the link above for more!











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