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Sudekum Planetarium


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so i went to the new planetarium and it was really nice. didn't care for the show they put on that much, but you definitely get a good idea of what the facility is capable of. starting tomorrow they will begin showing a show about what stars you can see from nashville. going to the adventure science museum brought back a lot of great memories from when i was younger. i even remember some of the old exhibits they have there still. working on getting some pics up. has anyone else been since the planetarium opened?

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Haven't been yet, but I saw some reports about it on Channel 4 News. Looks way cool!! I can VAGUELY remember attending the "Cumberland Science Museum" several times when I was a kid. I BARELY remember the old planetarium and museum. I really need to go back!!

A few things I do remember:

1. big pendulum at the entrance

2. bowling ball track they had running around the ceiling

3. racing the cheetah and animals of the world

4. the glass ball with the plasma stuff that was attracted to your hand when you touched it (I am not sure on what principle that worked)

5. the animal shows and chemistry show

6. and rock candy at the gift shop!!

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I drive by there four mornings a week at about 4 and it is very cool. The light panels change color and rotate around the new roof of the Planetarium. Not fast, but slow. Green, Blue and Red for sure. I would bet there are other colors as well that they can use.

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