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George Will gives some love to Meck Dec

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As some may have noticed in today's Observer, the conservative columnist, George Will, gives some nice attention to the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence here on the eve of the 4th of July. Apparently George must be a believer, as is historian, David Mccullough, to a certain extent. I don't know if the portrait of Captain Jack appeared with the column all over the country. or just in Charlotte, but I suspect it was just in the Observer.

Speaking of Captain Jack, his sculpture will be done by the same guy who did the portrait and is expected to have sound effects, some sort of water jets meant to simulate the sound of a horse galloping.

George Will column

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I did a quick check on google and it turns out it was a national column, although the Captain Jack portrait didn't appear in the other papers around the country. The Meck Dec aspect wasn't the main foucus of the column but rather an example George Will used to help make his overall point, something that is easier to just read than try to explain here.

Of course, you're right that there isn't any physical evidence, but there is a lot of very good circumstancial evidence, mostly numerous references made to it during that time period along with the eye witness accounts from surviving witnesses many decades later.

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