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When a new subdivision is approved, why don't we require them to upgrade the roads they connect to? We require retailers like walmart to do this, I think apartment complexes and housing sub divisions should be required too as well.. Why should the tax payers have to pay the burden so some guy gets rich? Just my random thought of the day.

For instance, I think it should be required that they at minimum add a right turn lane, and left turn lanes into and out of their properties..

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Ah....you touched on a political issue.

Some think that everything should be done to encourage development. Others think that Baton Rouge is past that point of "begging" for development and should impose more fees and mandatory upgrades (some of which are implemented, some are not). Some think that every development should be totally controlled.

Baton Rouge does require some infrastructure upgrades (they are pretty religious when it comes to drainage and sewer), but sadly, road upgrades are not always apparent.

Some neighborhoods add in center turn lanes (I've noticed a few in South Baton Rouge).

The Home Depot on Airline in North Baton Rouge, the Wal Mart on College, Perkins Rowe, and pretty much every big box outside of Siegen marketplace has to add in their own traffic light at a minimum, some had to upgrade the streets and turn lanes.

The city often requires overflow/retainage ponds with new subdivisions in low areas. Street lights, roads, and infrastructure on the development footprint is all the responsibiltiy of the developer as usual.

One can argue that a traffic light at every "big box" will just mean a city full of traffic lights every quarter mile....depressing.

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