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Lakeside Business District

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There is a thread for downtown Muskegon progress, but not for progress in the Lakeside Business District. Of course there is a lot more going on downtown but there have been some changes happening in Lakeside. There has been some beautification with the addition of concrete crosswalks stamped and colored like brick and a new mural on the side of the the Marine Tap Room.

If you go through the area right now the biggest change you'll notice is the exterior makeover the Lakeshore Taven building is getting.

Here is what it looked like about three weeks ago when work was starting:


Here it is on July 5th:


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Here is the new mural I mentioned in my previous post.


I really like the mural itself, but not it's surroundings. Instead of painting the entire building sign they just painted around the mural area so the rest of the side is a different color and different age, and the cord from the AC unit enters the building right in the middle of the mural.

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