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Columbia & Surrounding Area City Population Estimates


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Ok...I guess I'll start a thread in this part of the forum instead of the Coffee House since we have a thread dedicated to metro estimates....2007 estimates are out and Columbia is estimated at 124,818 growing 1.4% from 2006 estimates. Considering the city had a population of 116,200 in 2000 and is not really annexing new people or neighborhoods this is pretty good growth for the city. The author of the article seems to downplay the growth though.


Arcadia Lakes: 836, 3.1 percent decrease

Batesburg-Leesville: 5,545, 0.1 increase

Blythewood: 1,299, 56.9 percent increase

Camden: 7,029, 5.2 percent increase

Cayce: 12,556, 3.1 percent increase

Elgin: 1,074, 33.3 increase

Forest Acres: 9,968, 5.8 percent decrease

Irmo: 11,542, 3 percent increase

Lexington: 14,995, 44 percent increase

West Columbia: 13,907, 4.3 percent increase

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