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High Point reaches populational milestone


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The City of High Point has now reach a milestone. The city now has over 100,000 residents making Guilford County the second county in North Carolina that has two cities with over 100,000 people. Wake was the first. Raleigh and Cary both have over 100,000 people. The question is, how big can High Point get. Can the city eventually have over 200,000 residents?

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officially High Point has 100,342 residents. By comparison, Wilmington has 100,903 residents. Greensboro and High Point's combined population is around 356,000.

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I think it all depends on job growth in the region. If the Triad can have the kind of growth Charlotte and Raleigh are witnessing, the three Triad cities wont have to rely so much on annexation to increase population. People move to where the jobs are. There is also alot of opportunity for developement along I-85 just west of High Point, especially where I-74 will cross I-85.
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That could all change very quickly with FedEx. We are beginning to see that with Dell and HondaJet and the hub hasnt even opened yet. The Triad will always have a manufacturing economy but whats important to the future of the area is the kind of manufacturing. High paying hitech manufacturing jobs or low wage traditional manufacturing jobs.
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