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Columbus losing population


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From the article:

Cleveland had the largest numerical decline in population over the latest year, losing 5,067 residents, followed by Columbus, Ga.; Baton Rouge, La.; Philadelphia and Baltimore. Cleveland also had the second greatest rate of loss over seven years, losing 8.3 percent of its population to stand at 438,042.
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I agree that the main reason for the population decline is due to the large number of troop deployments from Benning. Also over the last year alot of people moved outside of the city of Columbus into the surrounding counties and towns due to massive increases in crime in the city. Living in Columbus I have noticed that over the past year to year and a half the city is becoming more urban with more problems arising. Traffic is going up crime is going up as well as the city is becoming much much more diverse. I'm sure in the 2010 census will reveal that Metro Columbus has exploded with population growth although the city itself has not grown that highly in population. Columbus & Macon are pretty much in the same boat Macon has been losing population since the early 90's, but the MSA of Macon continues to grow. Columbus is doing the same. Retail growth continues to be strong in the city with many new retailers coming into the city and others expanding. If the population was really that far in decline then retailers would look away especially with the negative economic times we are in.

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