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New HBO Series to be set in New Orleans


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David Simon, creator of HBO's critically acclaimed series "The Wire," is planning a new telivision drama set in set in the New Orleans music community, specifically in the neighborhood of Treme. The pilot episode will be shot in New Orleans sometime later this year, and if the series is greenlighted, production will resume in 2009.

HBO sets drama series in Treme with focus on city's musicians

Times-Picayune article

HOLLYWOOD -- In a move that could boost the city's psyche and pump millions into its economy, cable giant HBO is developing a new TV drama to be set in the New Orleans music community.

"Treme," named after the iconic New Orleans neighborhood where many musicians live, will marry one of television's most prestigious networks with creator David Simon, one of television's hottest series masterminds.


Hosting a TV series is considered a bonanza for the local film-and-TV production community. Though a critical and ratings dud, "K-Ville," the Fox cop drama that shot 11 episodes in the city in 2007, pumped an estimated $1 million per episode in cast and crew salaries and production expenditures into the local economy.

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I never caught an espisode of "The Wire" but I know it was critically acclaimed and I've heard nothing but great things about it from friends and family. David Simon is also behind "Generation Kill" which premiered on HBO a few days ago. The pilot was fantastic, one of the best I've seen in a very long time, and the critics are loving it as well. The fact that Simon is very thorough in his writing, making everything as honest and realistic as possible, plus the fact that he's a fan of New Orleans and is very familiar with the city, makes me excited about the series.

The series will be entirely filmed in New Orleans, and Simon has said he hopes to use local actors whenever possible. Wendell Pierce, a native New Orleanian who had a starring role in "The Wire" has already been attached to "Treme."

Here's some more info about the show from Dave Walker of the Times-Picayune:


Though the show's main storylines will focus on musicians, other elements of the city's unique culture will be spotlighted. One of the pilot script's principal characters, Simon said, runs a restaurant.

The pilot story begins two or three months after Hurricane Katrina, Simon said. If "Treme" goes to series, each season would advance New Orleans recovery story by one year.

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Hey everybody. I was just snooping in on New Orleans and I saw this thread. good news for New Orleans. Please check out The Wire. It is all about "urban life" it is the best show coming or going these days. David Simon will paint a realsitic warts and alll portrait of New Orleans. That means it will be great tv but not necessarily a vacation advertisement for New Orleans.

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