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South End Uneasy About High Rises


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I disagree. South End is a distinct neighborhood separate from Uptown. This is what makes the area special. You feel a tangible difference between the two districts and that's the variety thriving cities need. The existing mills in South End have been successfully utilized into offices and stores. Low to mid rise buildings that contribute to the pedestrian village atmosphere need to be encouraged. This city sorely lacks character and soul. What we should not do is trample over and ruin the few neighborhoods we have left that posess some individuality. Camden should not turn into an extension of Uptown's tower canyon. Along the periphery on South I can see the compatibility of high rises next to The Arlington but not in the heart of this historic neighborhood.

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I have a lot of friends who live in Wilmore and SouthEnd and my partners business is in SouthEnd. I don't know a single person that doesn't want this project and others like it between S. Blvd and Tryon (as well as in the blocks between Summit and Morehead). This article was a bit misleading in its implication that there are many in the area wary of these projects. Someone above is more accurate, many in Dilworth are wary and plenty in The Big Pink don't want it. As a former Dilworth resident of 10 years, I still don't understand why the Dilworth NIMBY's always get up in arms about what happens across South Blvd from the neighborhood. Boundaries need to be drawn somewhere and this isn't Dilworth. Further, it is buffered from Dilworth by South Blvd, big churches and the Y and their parking lots, other commercial buildings, a small high rise IN Dilworth that is an old-folks home, a strip commercial center -- there are at least 2 blocks or 3 blocks of buffer from any single family homes. Same goes for its distance from any single family in Wilmore. The people I know that moved to Wilmore and Southend came there FOR these kind of projects and the businesses, retail,and restaurant they bring.

I think the odds of the Harris Development going forward are slim in this economy. I'll believe it when I see it.
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