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Hilton Condo Controversy


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Hilton Washington Condo Proposal Has Neighbors on Warpath

The partnership which includes Earvin "Magic" Johnson purchased the Hilton Washington last summer and have been mulling over renovation plans. To the surprise of the neighborhood, these plans include the removal of the popular swimming pool and health club and replacing them with 200 condo units facing T Street. a new swimming pool would be built over the loading dock area. I'm not sure I would really mind the whole idea. but I have to wonder whether 200 additional housing units could be supported by the present infrastructure of the neighborhood. I have also not seen any renderings of what this condo addition would look like. As soon as I can find a rendering, I will post it here. What are your thoughts?

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Hilton Washington Condo Addition Received Warmly by Preservation Board

The addition to the Hilton Washington at 19th Street and Florida Avenue has received a warm reception from the DC Preservation Board. I have seen a rendering and the building does not look bad at all. Whether or not the neighborhood can easily absorb more density is open to question. Being one who's usually in favor of density, I find this addition not as troubling as many of my neighbors. This new addition would not necessarily loom over the existing neighborhood any more than the present complex does. In fact, it might improve the existing design in certain ways. As soon as I can find a picture online, I'll get it up here.

Source: The InTowner newspaper

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