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Should any counties be split?


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First post here...

Different reasons such as MSA decisions, population growth, geography, political, etc. have made me wonder if some counties should be split.

Map to help: http://www.csicatalanos.com/assets/images/...-county-map.gif

I think Brevard would be the most likely candidate to split. It's got 2 strong centers in Titusville and Melbourne. It's very lengthy from one end to the other, and I believe they've started putting some government offices in Viera so people don't have to go all the way to Titusville. Could gas prices be a reason to split a county? It's something to think about. Looking at the map, splitting Brevard would only be a continuation of history of Florida's East Coast. Splitting into two just north of Patrick AFB would just make the new county the size only a little larger than Indian River and St. Lucie. One more reason? The weather is different from north to the south, especially in the winter.

Brevard is the one that I know the most about, but what about everything south of SR 60 in Hillsborough breaking away? Seems like that area is far from northern and western Hillsborough.

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there is acutally an effort to split Pinellas County in two. People in southern Pinellas complain that they aren't getting their moneys worth in taxes and the schools have been suffering. One of the candidates for mayor of St. Petersburg is advocating a split, at least as far as the school district is concerned.

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This type of split was proposed long ago for Palm Beach County...I think it was in the 60's but not sure. The proposal had some real momentum w/it and they even had a name for the new County: Atlantic County which would have encompassed Boynton, Delray and Boca and all the unincorporated land to the west. However w/most good ideas, politics, money and power got in the way and the measure failed. You'd probably see the same problems w/a current division of a county. You do make some good points about Brevard and Polk too for that matter, but I just don't see it happening.

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