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PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

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I am not enamored with the rendering, but I'll reserve judgement for now, since I am thrilled that he is moving forward with planning. It will be discussed at the 10-23 meeting based on the agenda I saw.

195 apartments here is another huge boost to the eastern part of downtown!


Better read at HBJ

I should add that I am psyched he went for 195 apartments. Thats more than initially quoted. I do wonder how much retail there is and if his learning center is still included in the plans.

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Project website inclooding floorplans





OK this link rocks!


The ground floor is cool.  It has a little pull through in it from Columbus that will then allow you to pull out onto State, or into the existing garage.   fairly clever.  Like drop off the wife and grocerys then you go park the car.  also some nice to have trees.  this area is extremely un green today, so some green will be nice.  There is also one 3790SF retail space identified as deli/retail/grocer


Deli seems most likely, but who knows.


As I click through the different slides.  highest elevation is listed at 237'



The typical residential floorplans for floor 4-12 is pretty decent.  they seem to maximize the views and include


3 two Bedrooms

6 one Bedrooms

6 Studios


One of the 2 bedrooms is smaller than the others and 2 of the 1 bedrooms are a little larger as well.

Again, that mix seems appropriate I think.  as a total guess really :)


So, 15 units per floor on floors 4-12 means   12 Two Bedrooms   54 One Bedrooms and 54 Studios.


But on another slide the same layout is listed for Floors 2-14

and gives the total number of units as 195 as we have read before.


the breakdown is the same as above.

totalling 39,78, and 78 respectively.

Im glad there will be another 39 two bedrooms, I sometimes worry that the city is focuing too heavily on the studios.


The Studios Average 432SF

The One Bedrooms average 833SF

The Two Beds average 1218SF


Got all that from clicking on project details.


then all plans.

On page 10 there shows extension of the plaza as proposed. 


I have to say, that AI is verry thorough and absolutely considers the entire project and its place in the city.






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I also posted this on the UConn moving thread. 


Here's an idea. Why doesn't UConn partner with AI Tech Center on a new building at CP?


The lower floors could be built to UConn specifications. AI could move their company to the top floors.  And they could even add some penthouses and a roof bar.

Everyone wins. UConn get a new facility built to their needs. AI gets its shiny new HQ. Hartford fills and empty lot.

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Honestly.... couldnt agree more.




The only issues based on the RFP


850 parking spaces.




But other than that...




AI could get the office space he needs, as well as provide the campus what they need, and include some residential.




If you guys remember in the first version of this project that we saw, it has allocations for additional floors if demand presented itself.  As in it could have been double the size If I recall.




So, how hard would it be to take the same approach now?




Add 150K more office space to the current proposal.


that would be what, an additional 8 floors of Office. 




I really do like the idea of making this development suit both the needs of the owner and the school while providing housing and helping to connect the area much better.

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I think any smart developer should read this forum  :)


I think the article is waaaayyyy to sparse though.   

no comment on what would be where.  like 850 parking spaces as an example where are they going to be?


I think the old proposal was something like 220 spaces


also it said 15 stories right?

the old office proposal was 12 stories


I would love to get the details on these proposals.

I suppose we can just ask the state right?  freedom of information and all right?

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So, yet another version of what could be built.


10 stories seems fine to me in terms of scale for the location.  not every building needs to be extremely tall


40 apartments, well thats a bit of a let down.  I did feel as though 195 was very ambitous though, and clearly, 40 is the dose of reality that eventually needed to happen. 


40 is low though, Id think that there is a certain number that makes buildings more efficient to manage, and I doubt 40 is it.



I still very much hope this happens for several reasons.

1: I want to see Abdul Islam fulfill his dream of giving back to the city.

2: It will be good to see a company move HQ downtown.

3: AI had planned educational and service space in every version of this project, and I like that

4: Its a huge improvement over a hole in the ground and a major improvement over the old broadcast house.

5: more residential units are always an improvement

6: there will be more and more life on the plaza and on the street.


only suggestion... can it be 60-100 apartments?  that seems like a better number. 

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The residences at river view...


This project seems pretty locked down and now has approvals from the CRDA. 


The building will be 10 stories and 71,000 SF


it will have 48 apartments   32 One Bedroom, 16 Two Bedroom

20000 SF of office space


So I am confused by the 71000 SF.  if this is accurate, we are talking about a building with TINY floor plates.  7100/floor is about 1/3 of the typical building.


I wonder if this is designed to contain a potential second phase?  its seems strange.


Also the office will be on the bottom two stories, so seemingly no retail any more


Dont get me wrong, I am pleased that there is financing fully in place, and AI can move forward






The proposal to develop a vacant parcel located at 200 State Street has changed from earlier

versions to the current intent to construct a new building housing 48 units of rental housing at

80% market and 20% affordable rents and 20,000 square feet of commercial space, to be

occupied by a tenant, closely controlled by the developer. The total project now consists of a ten

story building containing 71,000 square feet of space with a total project cost of $17.7 million.

There will be 32 one-bedroom and 16 two bedroom units and the 20,000 square foot commercial

space will be on the two lower floors and occupied by AI Engineering which will relocate 75+

jobs to the site. The developer, TAROB, LLC has negotiated a bank loan for approximately onehalf

of the development costs that will be collateralized by the commercial tenant. CRDA, State


DOH and City of Hartford assistance as well as developer equity will complete the financing


Source of Funds

Bank Loan $8,000,000

CRDA Equity 1,802,158

CRDA 2nd Mortgage 2,487,819

DOH Assistance 1,812,158

City of Hartford 973,579

Owner Equity 2,695,869

TDC $17,771,584



CRDA Assistance:

The CRDA package would be structured into two components, a $1.8m equity position with a

2% Return on Investment up to 50% of cash flow and a $2.48M loan that will be amortized on a

25 year schedule with P&I payments deferred for the first five years, with interest at 2%

beginning year 6. The loan will have a term of ten years.

The following motion was moved by Thomas Deller, seconded by Mayor Segarra and

unanimously approved


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The bond comission backing this project...


So, I dont see muuch change its still 10 stories and still has just 48 apartments




These funds are requested to provide a loan and equity investment to TAROB, Inc. to assist with the development of the Residences at Riverview, a 10 story mixed-use, mixed-income high-rise building with 48 rental units and 20,000 SF of commercial space, at 3 Constitution Plaza in Hartford.

A $2,487,819 loan will be provided at 2% interest for a 10 year with a 25 year amortization schedule and payments deferred for six years. The authority will receive an equity stake in the property for an additional $1,802,158 investment.



Total Estimated Project Cost


Less: Recipient Funds


Bank Financing


City of Hartford Funds


DOH Loan, Previous funding


Total, This Request





I will be interested to see what this building is finally going to look like.  It is absolutely an improvement over what we have now and most assuradly an improvement over the old TV building.

If I know AI, this building is being designed to be expandable as their esarlier plans included a hollow elevator shaft etc...

So, Who knows


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Not pleased




all this does is replace what was there before.


I mean we are going from what?  3-4 stories to 6?


Also, how is this 10 stories?


I am sure it is an improvement and I am glad that AI is doing this, but how far have we come from that amazing image we had just 2 years ago?


it is extremely unfortunate that this is all we get.



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That rendering looks like a motel. CBT is a pretty well know architecture firm so I am assuming g the final product will look a lot better. That being said, it is too small for the location. at six stories, I highly doubt any apartments will have the river view mentioned in the name. 48 units is very small so it doesn't surprise me that it's not 10 stories high. Financing has plagued this project from the start so it's no surprise that its been scaled back multiple times. This is probably all they can get done. I DO hope they still plan on a rooftop restaurant with patio. I don't think they would have any problem leasing that out.

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Yeah, it certainly is underwhelming. I'm not sure it should be built right now if the financing is not there yet for a more ambitious design. Why not wait until Front St. is done and the Sonesta and then go back to see if the financing gets any easier?

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Mod: Change title to 'SCUTTLED: AI Tech Center'


Plans Scuttled For Apartment Tower On Constitution Plaza

Is AI still on this board? What the heck happened? Can you at least plant some grass and make a little park or something? It looks AWFUL.



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This one upset me. 


I know he still has plans/dreams, but he is going to fix up the lot now... I guess thats something.


I truly hope that something changes in the next 5 years that allows him to build something bigger that the most recent plans, and as attractive as that origonal design we saw.


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I doubt this will ever get built. Just like the 80s boom, another major project gets killed. It's the Hartford and Connecticut way.

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