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Estelle Getty has passed away


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Everyone's favorite feisty Italian grannie has passed away at age 84. Estelle had battled Alzheimers Disease for several years, and passed away Tuesday morning.

Before being cast as matriarchal Sofia in 1985 (in the Golden Girls TV program), Estelle had primarily done very small acting roles. But when the show took off, Estelle took off too, and quickly became one of TV's most popular actors.

She was beloved by millions of people worldwide, and she had one paticular high-profile fan--Britain's "Queen Mum". Estelle, along with other Golden Girls stars, were invited to London to meet the equally popular royal.

Do y'all have a particular favorite Sofia moment? One of my favorite Sofia scenes was during the first few minutes of Episode #1. Sofia had unexpectedly showed up, after her retirement home burned down. She sat on the sofa and Blanche (Rue McClanahan) came into the room:

Blanche: "Sofia! What are you doing here?"

Sofia: "Who are you?"

Blanche: "It's Blanche, Sofia"

Sofia: "You look like a prostitute."

RIP our dear Golden Girl. We'll never forget you, and all the joy and laughs you brought us.:)

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