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Everglades City


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randomly looking thru thread in florida, but I was just down there and my wife and I took a drive down to everglades city, mainly because it was on a map, and I can say, unless you are looking to go on a nature ture, fan boat ride or something like that, you are pretty much just wasting gas.

as a town, its interesting. it's small for usre, and they are building housing there of all places. like you can buy a brand new townhome in a deeply redneck little town in the middle of nowhere. it seemed like a massive clash between the actual community (real people who make their money off the waters/land) and tourists(some who can now buy homes here)

you either drive a fan boat or an audi in everglade city from my visual tour. I kid you not. I feel bad for the locals myself.

Anyways, the city hall is interesting. its grand and stately and on a circle in the middle of town... but all around it is just undeveloped land. It looks like someone wanted to develop the whole area in some kind of planned community kind of way, but it never got traction. mind you I can only assume that was back in the 1920's. the newer townhomes might well just make this into the community it was envisioned as.

There is a nice nature center/park just south of town.

a couple of places to eat, one my parents told me was amazing, but my wife and I never saw it when we went.

thats all I got.

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