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Rio Salado Corridor


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Since there is not much discussion on the board, hopefully this will spark some discussion again on this forum.

Yes, the market is down, and many projects are on hold, or failing and are being scratched. That is what the mirage as the real estate market did to this area. Now we are feeling the affects, seeing great urban projects not happen and so forth. But the market was not right, and it is not great right now. However, projects are going forward, ones that have the finical backing and in a way, may not have been a pipe dream. Some still are tho.

The topic I want to discuss is the Rio Salado corridor (As I am calling it). You have the Tempe town lake area from Rural to Mesa at Alma School Rd. To me, this has the potential to be the destination place of the whole valley. Downtown Phx is the only rival I see as of now, but I think this area has the potential to be much bigger as a district if the cities work together. You go from the Tempe arts center (which IMO sucks) to the Mesa Riverview/Wavyeard (which is about ready to submit plans) On the north shore, east of tempe town lake is the Reservation. That is potential some prime land that might get developed, but may not due to the tribes approach to development.

So lets talk about this area. Whats its future, its potential, strengths and weaknesses?

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I guess no one wants to talk? I know everything is down in the dumps economically, but come on guys, this is a great opportunity for use to not only talk about certain developments, but what should be done, how we should plan, what needs to be addressed in Arizona. I personally wrote this thread because I looked at this area as a major destination in the valley and think it has the potential to be much more.

The reservation could be a key to this area being an even bigger destination.

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