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I have always wondered the same thing. Maybe with Beale St. Landing and the UofM Law School moving into the old post office building, it can help kick start the project. This should be the next thing that the city focuses on. This could really do wonders for tourism and downtown in gerenal. I haven't heard anything about this but hopefully this will become a reality.

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The link below shows an atricle that was in the Sunday's edition of the Commercial Appeal. It talks about the Promenade and all the issues concerning it. According to the article, which is opinion based, there are a lot of legal issues surrounding the project. It appears there is alot of fighting between RDC and Friends for Our Riverfront about what is the best use for the property. The good news is that both are willing to compromise and that it is not a dead issue, although city leaders do admit that the economy is slowing the project down. It also appears that some city council members are working hard to help get the Promenade started.

CA article

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