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The Plaza Las Vegas


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ELAD, the owners of The Plaza Hotel in New York, are planning to build a $6+ billion dollar replica of The Plaza in Las Vegas.

The Plaza Las Vegas Hotel will have a 3,500-room luxury hotel, 300 private residences, restaurants, retail, convention space and a casino. They are promising a level of luxury that will surpass anything Vegas has presently to offer.

The main resort, is said to be a replica of the New York Hotel. The New York Plaza has 19 floors (800 rooms) and the new hotel will have 3,500 rooms. Which means it won't be an exact replica in order to fit that many rooms it will have to be at least 45-50 floors.

The New Frontier has been imploded to make way for The Plaza.

(It is rumored The Plaza will hace seven towers all above 650 ft.)

It is expected to open sometime in 2011.


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I think this one is on hold. It would be no grerat loss if it remains a paper palace. I rather doubt that the grandeur of the real Plaza could be replicated. While Vegas is full of monstrosities and that's all part of its ersatz glory, this idea is somehow too junky and over-the-top- even for Vegas.

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